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Community Support

As if childbirth in Los Angeles wasn't already a complete disaster...a global pandemic could only make it better right?!

FREE support from local birth workers, doulas, supporters, allies, mentors, wisewomen, wisepersons, warriors, guardians, witches, comadres, advocates, keepers, friends, kin, homies…HUMANS.

Think of it as a party line of your best friends who only want to talk about birth, breastfeeding, best bottles, providers to avoid and how to be the boss of your body.


It's so good you're here!

My doula practice does not function like most of the ones you've been seeing on the internet. Birth, postpartum and placenta encapsulation are all included when we work together because it ALL benefits from support, love and guidance.

I believe my services should be accesible for everyone who wants them so I offer "Pay What You Choose" options....but I'm happy to chat trades/barters and any other creative exchanges.

BLACK FAMILIES: My services are available to you completely free of charge as a small amend for standing by while Black bodies continue to die in childbirth and postpartum.

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UN-DOula Apprenticeship


We need to talk.

It's time we take accountabilty for our part in this disgusting system. And my hope is a handful will take it a step further and stand for our work. Defend the last scraps of sacredness around birth, newborns, new parents.

Or die trying.

BLACK BIRTHWORKERS: My apprenticeship is available to you completely free of charge because nobody gives us the same opportunities so we gotta give them to each other.

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