Karla Leng 

I attended my DONA International birth doula training in November of 2014 and the postpartum doula training in May 2016, but my path to birth work really started 15 years ago with the birth of my daughter. Shortly after she was born I spent hours a day reading, listening and watching anything that might provide me with answers about my experience. What happened?! Why did I feel so disconnected from myself? When did I stop mattering as everyone focused solely on the goal of a healthy baby? Why do people ever have more than 1 child?!? I couldn’t put my finger on it but I instinctively knew something was missing.

12 years later I found myself pregnant for a 2nd time and in tears at the idea of having to give birth. My husband had a bright idea that I figured was worth a shot- let’s do the opposite of everything we did the first time! And damnit, he was right. In that moment as I birthed my son I understood the importance of support and community to this process. I felt empowered, respected, heard and seen by my care providers as the force behind this labor and birth, not a passive spectator. And it clicked...THIS is what I’ve been searching for! I could never go back to seeing birth the same way again and my obsession grew even stronger. I knew I needed to be part of the village that loves, supports and informs families, as they get ready for the coolest thing that’s ever happened to them!

I live in Westchester, near LAX, with my husband and our 2 children and our dog. I’ve had every possible hair color and do take requests. I enjoy laughing and making others laugh, it’s such a great way to bond and bring lightness to most situations. I feel like the luckiest girl alive for having everything- a great husband, cute children, a roof over our head, food in our bellies, an amazing community of doula sisters and the opportunity to live out my true calling.

And then there are days I’m ready to sell my children to the highest bidder for a minute of peace and quiet. 

Karla Leng     hello@douladoulabirth.com     (213) 321-0706

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