COVID-19 Pandemic Rules (Mar 2020)

I know many of us feel overwhelmed by the constant changing face of childbirth in Los Angeles. I was a doula before all this and I was a damn good one because I was confident "knowing" the needs of birthing people. Well, those days are gone. 

And I can either go to bed everyday at 3pm or I can try and abide by the rule of in every single living cell- form follows function!!

The way something looks or is constructed is directly related to its function within that body. Disruption of one (form or function) can lead to failure of the other. 

My work as a doula has been disrupted. But I am not going to fail. And neither are you. 

But we can't stay this way for long.

I cannot begin to imagine what YOU might need to give birth that you didn't dream of needing just a few weeks ago. Just some of the calls/emails I've received:

  • Birth and PP support aka "doula"

  • Available home midwife (everyone is booking up fast)

  • Suggested reading for birthing independently 

  • Childcare for older siblings at home birth

  • Virtual childbirth education 

  • Just a human being who can listen

  • Mental health professional recommendations 

  • Breast-feeding questions

  • Formula

  • A room for a home birth to happen

  • and so on.

Now, look at that list and see where your privilege has protected you during this shitshow.


We need to act now to uphold birth but especially our maginalized groups.

This is an opportunity to take birth back.

To decolonize.

To create a new form we must learn our new function. 

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