Your placenta took care of your baby for 40+ weeks, and I believe it can now take care of you.
- Me!


The Deluxe Package


The Budget Package

I should eat WHAT?!


Did you know your body has created something that could help you have a better postpartum experience?! And it’s not the’s your placenta!


Potential Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation:

  • Bringing hormonal balance to a time when your hormones are on a rollercoaster

  • Increasing milk supply through HPL (Human Placenta Lactogen) hormone which promotes the production of prolactin

  • Replenishes iron and vitamins often lost in the process of pregnancy and childbirth

  • Increases energy and combats fatigue

  • Shorter postpartum bleeding (lochia)

  • Helps prevent baby blues and postpartum depression

  • Quicker recovery from childbirth


My encapsulation packages include your placenta pills, tincture, print and cord keepsake. I will come to pick up your placenta from your hospital, birth center or home and deliver the pills back to you within 24-72 hours. You can choose the TCM (Traditional Chinese Method) or raw preparation for your pills.

The budget package includes everything except you’re responsible for bringing me the placenta and picking up the pills when they’re ready.

Oh And there’s the additional benefit of freaking out your friends and family when you tell them you’re eating your placenta!


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