Empowerment (gag)

This could easily be a 36 chapter book but since I don't have the bandwidth or the attention span......lets just blog about it.

This is one of the main "buzzwords" in the doula and birth industry. It's on every website, in every book, motivational post and in advertising. From the first time I heard that word it didn't make sense. I heard it for the first time when I was pregnant with Bean! Never before in my life had I come across that word or seen it used over and over and over. The very first image that came to my mind was me holding a light bulb and turning it on with magical powers (lol) Honest!! It makes me laugh now because it's still a very funny picture.

When I gave birth to my daughter I felt completely stripped of all power, stripped of my soul. And here this book was telling me it was as easy as hiring a doula and I would feel empowered again?!? Shit ok! That's easy! But is that true? No fucking way!

You and I cannot and have never been able to empower anybody else. So lets stop saying it? What we CAN do is stand in our own power, become clear on who we are and how we practice, walk in with head up eyes open and speak with truth. And do it again. Then again. And again. And one day you wake up and you're just a powerful being who moves through the world reminding all of the power we're born with, not gifted.

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