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I'm going to save you some time and reading. I'm not like the other doulas you've been checking out.

I don't believe I'm needed at every single birth and I don't believe you neeeeed me to avoid (insert fear here) or achieve (insert goal here)!

I KNOW you can do it without me or a doula in general. Of course, that doesn't mean you don't want or need support...but what does that look like for YOU?

I'm not the doula who's going to tell you what you need because isn't that what everyone else is doing to you already? 

I'm the doula who will have the hard conversations. I will be witness and be empowered by your journey, not the other way around.

I will trust you and your intuition all the time, everytime and for most women, for the first time. 

Ok, money......

I offer my services on a CHOOSE WHAT YOU PAY basis. This aligns best with how I practice and I encourage you to examine how other doulas in the area have priced their services on your own. Here's the truth:

This is a business I use to generate income for my family AND its more than a job that can be broken down hourly.

I'm done with this industry catering to the Westside when my own are dying on the other side of town.

I want to fuck up the whole market here so that having a doula is an actual possibility for every single family that wants one.

(Read: Why can a doula charge $5000?!? Because she can).


Here's how it works:

I share what it looks like from my end

  • $500-$750 per client covers my operating costs  

  • $1250 per client allows me to pay myself + cover expenses

  • $1600 and over per client allows me to sustain this community I'm attempting to build, pay myself, uncle sam + cover expenses.

And you use integrity and love to guide you when choosing what to pay!

Here's what I offer:​

  • Unlimited weekly virtual Community Prenatals and speakers

  • A minimum of 2 one-on-one virtual prenatal sessions (90-120min)

  • Support and resources available by phone/text/email from week 28 through 6 weeks postpartum

  • Virtual labor and birth support regardless of length

  • In- person lactation support (when possible) immediately following birth

  • A minimum of 3 one-on-one virtual postpartum sessions (30-45min)

a la carte services including nighttime support are available on a case-by-case basis

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