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UN-DOula Doula Apprenticeship

  • 12 weeks total

  • Weekly group meeting (90-120min)*

  • Individual check-in's every other week (60 min)*

  • Encompasses birth, postpartum and placenta encapsulation

  • Working *by my side with any clients within our 12 week window

  • Pay What You Choose due weekly

  • Limited to 6 apprentices at a time 

  • I'm sure a million things I'm forgetting... 

*Everything will be virtual as far as I know but may change

**Must be local to Los Angeles area


The time has come my little friends….


To face the music. Pay the piper. And take accountability for the HARM we have done as doulas within the fucked up healthcare system.

How can you say you’re an advocate while allowing a hospital to define your role?

How have YOU personally contributed to the deaths of black bodies birthing in Los Angeles?


We had the chance to make change and have an impact. Remember DONA?

Instead, we created a million+ dollar industry! Built by exploiting fears and vulnerabilities, normalizing violations and assaults. Trauma has become the prevailing birth outcome while we’ve WATCHED in silence.


WE have been the wolves in sheeps clothing.

WE have been stripping birthing people of their power, re-packaging it up into 2 prenatals and a plan….then calling it empowerment!

WE have become the curators of an experience, creating distractions with swirls of Palo Santo smoke in hopes it will cushion the trauma. 


Let's take this shit back. Waaaaaay back.

Before we thought we knew anything about birth.

Before we were TOLD what it meant to be a doula.

Before we were tamed into the job of leading so many to the slaughterhouse.

When we were WILD like birth has always and will always be.




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