So...why an apprenticeship?

Why not?! No, I'm kidding...being a smart ass.

You know, it's something that I've been asked about many times since being considered a "seasoned" doula and it's never felt like the right time. It honestly also sounds like a shitload of work and thats so not my style. Talk to anyone that knows me...I'm a huge fan of asking "whats the LEAST amount of effort I can put into this?" and its how I approach most of my life! Funny enough, it's also how I've built my doula practice. Speaking of....

I've had a beautiful doula practice in Los Angeles for a bit over 6 years and it has transformed a million times within those years. I'm finally clear on what this work means to me and why it's my calling...but it might not be what you think. This is gonna be some real talk.

You've been warned.

We, doulas, are just as guilty of fucking over birthing people. We are more than an intervention, we're a fucking distraction! We are literally swirling essential oils while birthing people are violated, assaulted, maimed and disrespected. I couldn't sleep at night anymore.

But, don't we already have doula trainings?

Yeah, so? This is the anti-thesis to that training. I'm not gonna tell you HOW to be a doula, I'm going to show you what it means to BE a doula. Because this isnt for everyone and thats alright. I'm looking to build an army of free thinking doulas grounded in their power and their calling. I'm hoping this is how I will find others who feel that instinctual need to defend and protect birth...that primal urge to bare your teeth without hesitation when threatened.

This is not going to be about stages of labor bullshit.

This is a space for honest and hard conversations about your beliefs, your traumas.

We won't waste time on comfort measures when we need to be talking about WHY comfort measures are a waste of time.

Anyway....thats why an apprenticeship.

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