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How many births have you attended?

Well, thats funny you should ask! The truth is I only have a vague idea of the answer because it doesn't really have anything to do with....anything. The experience in this line of work isn't so linear or neat that it can be summed up in a number. I've attended births where I literally felt myself grow 5 levels as a doula and births where I felt myself go BACKWARDS! I can tell you its an ongoing process, my experience, but I do have it.

Have you worked with my OB/Midwife? aka Have you worked at (Insert Hospital Name Here)?

Yes and Yes

Seriously though, I've worked with so many different providers chances are it's a yes! I've also worked in majority of hospitals from St. Johns to Huntington in Pasadena and Hoag in Newport!

What if I get an epidural?

Lucky you!! I mean, you're still in labor. You're still giving birth. You're still needing support. I don't feel sad for you or happy for you or anything really. It doesn't change our relationship in anyway AND you still need support......yeah, I'll be there. doctor says I don't need a doula.

That's interesting....the fact that you're here reading this gives me hope! It means theres a part of you that knows that doesnt feel right for you or is trying to get your attention. You get to decide what you need or don't need in life and in birth. If you want a doula at your birth then your doctor needs to deal with it....not you. Doula or no doula.....don't let somebody else make decisions for you unless you can hold them accountable.

What techniques will you use to help me with the pain?/ What comfort measures do you offer?

This is always the dead giveaway question during interviews! Now I know you're asking me questions you found online for hiring a doula! It's ok!!

I've used everything from a whisper to my entire body to lift someones body as a comfort tool during labor. I've spent a large percentage of my time massaging, rubbing, pressing, pinching a person in labor. I have oils and sprays and battery powered candles and all that sorta stuff. But we don't know what you will actually need for comfort during this process. We have no idea if you'll even need comfort! I'd rather we spend time together, getting to know each other deeply so comforting you becomes innate to me and you can easily accept comfort from me.

Are you certified?

Nope. Why? Because someone said your doula needs to be "certified"? Oh do I say this....thats BULLSHIT.

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