"Her wisdom, support, humor, love, and knowledge were absolutely invaluable every step of the way. "

- Martutsi M.


Karla met us at the hospital and immediately made me feel supported and listened to. Everything happened very quickly but during any moment when I felt uncertain I just looked at Karla, right at my side, and she gave me precisely the calm confidence I needed.

-Moriah S.

"we experienced the exact benefits of hiring a doula that I have read about...So glad we had Karla with us!"

-Teira J. 

During the birth I remember feeling like Karla was giving me exactly what I needed. A way to get through the breathing (being one of my biggest fears). Karla was simply with me, helping me get over the waves of pain as if they were this ritualistic pattern, and there we were, like lions roaring in the wild. The hospital setting disappeared.

-Esther S.

 I wanted an all natural birth, however my baby became breech at 33 weeks. They recommended chiropractors and definitely emotionally supported me through all the complications and changes. Due to the breech, I had to have a c-section and Karla walked me thru the process and calmed me down and prepared me as this was a big change in my "plan". She assisted me to write the perfect birth plan for a c-section. 
The day of she was such an amazing support for me and my husband and she was the one to go into the room with my little one and she took his pictures and help me with the first latch.

-Tiffany K.

Karla keeps the vibe laid back and has a calming energy about her, all the while making you feel confident in what your intuition is telling you, and arming you with information and resources to help further prepare you. She also is very conscious about creating an atmosphere free of judgement. She works with people who birth at home, in hospitals, go natural, or get c-sections. She does not have an agenda with her clients, and is 100% supportive of the birth you envision for yourself. 

- Lindsey K.

"Overall, you can't go wrong by choosing Doula Doula Birth Services.  When we start preparing for baby #2 we will definitely be calling her up to help with our future pregnancy!!"

-Charla B.  

Karla Leng     (213) 321-0706

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